The new genus of stick insect Lobofemora from Vietnam, with the description of three new species (Phasmida: Phasmatidae: Clitumnini)

Joachim Bresseel, Jérôme Constant


The new genus Lobofemora gen. nov. is described from Vietnam to accommodate three new species: L. bachmaensis sp. nov. (Bach Ma National Park, central Vietnam), L. bidoupensis sp. nov. (Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park, central Vietnam) and L. scheirei sp. nov., the type species (Cat Tien National Park and Dong Nai Biosphere Reserve, south Vietnam). It is provisionally placed in the tribe Clitumnini Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1893. The genus is the only known Clitumnini which shows tegmina and sometimes alae in the males. Females show conspicuous foliaceous lobes on the median femora. Males and females of all species and the eggs of L. scheirei sp. nov. and L. bidoupensis sp. nov. are described and illustrated. An identification key to the species and a distribution map are provided. The definition of the tribe Clitumnini sensu Hennemann & Conle (2008) is slightly adapted to include the new genus and the tribal placement is discussed. The male of L. scheirei sp. nov. is able to stridulate by rubbing the outer margins of the tegmina against the subcostal and radial veins of the alae.


Phasmatodea; stridulation; Global Taxonomic Initiative; South-East Asia; walking stick

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