Tomoceridae (Collembola, Entomobryomorpha) from the southern Annamitic cordillera: redescription of Tomocerus ocreatus Denis, 1948 and description of a new species of Tomocerina Yosii, 1955

Daoyuan Yu, Le Cong Man, Louis Deharveng


Two species of Tomoceridae were found near Dalat, southern Vietnam. Tomocerus ocreatus Denis, 1948 is redescribed based on a neotype specimen. Previous records of Tomocerus ocreatus in non-type localities are reevaluated. A new species Tomocerina annamitica sp. nov. is described. The new species is mainly characterized by its small body size, pointed tenent hair, compound dental spines and the absence of intermediate teeth on mucro.


Vietnam; Southeast Asia; Tomocerinae; taxonomy; neotype

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