Taxonomic updates and descriptions of four new Lophopini planthopper species (Hemiptera, Fulgoroidea, Lophopidae) from Yunnan province, South China

Menglin Wang, Adeline Soulier-Perkins, Yinglun Wang, Thierry Bourgoin


Taxonomic updates and descriptions of four new species from Yunnan, China are provided: three new species in the genus Pitambara Distant, 1906: P. triremiprocta Wang & Soulier-Perkins, sp. nov., P. impudica Wang & Bourgoin, sp. nov., P. tricorne Wang & Wang, sp. nov., and one new species in the genus Serida Walker, 1857: Serida parenthesisflexuosa Wang & Soulier-Perkins, sp. nov. A new identification key to Pitambara species is provided, as well as to the species of the genus Lacusa Stål, 1862. Lacusa yunnanensis Chou & Huang, 1985 stat. rev. is not considered as a synonym of the species L. fuscofasciata (Stål, 1854) anymore and Lacusa orientalis (Liang, 2000) is transferred to the genus Acothrura Melichar, 1915 as Acothrura orientalis (Liang, 2000) comb. nov.


Taxonomy; new taxa; Pitambara; Serida; Lacusa

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