Cave-dwelling Coecobrya from southern China with a survey of clypeal chaetae in Entomobryoidea (Collembola)

Feng Zhang, Anne Bedos, Louis Deharveng


Four new species of the genus Coecobrya, C. gejianbangi sp. nov., C. annulata sp. nov., C. ciliata sp. nov., and C. oculata sp. nov., are described from Guangxi caves as the representative of the genus in China. Coecobrya oculata sp. nov. of the boneti-group has 1+1 eyes and a serrate outer edge of the unguiculus. The other three species, devoid of eyes and with a tiny outer tooth on the unguiculus, are assigned here to the tenebricosa-group, assuming that the large tooth on the unguiculus is transformed into a tiny one in cave-obligate species. Clypeal chaetae in Entomobryoidea are systematically surveyed for the first time, and are found to be well diversified at species level. They have a potential taxonomical value in discriminating taxa of morphologically conserved groups.


Entomobryidae; taxonomy; new species; Guangxi; clypeal chaetotaxy

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