Review of the cicada genus Paharia Distant (Hemiptera, Cicadidae), with the description of a new species and its allied species

Xu Wang, Joannes P. Duffels, Cong Wei


The genus Paharia Distant, 1905 is reviewed based on the description of a new species, Paharia oorschoti sp. nov., and redescription of the allied Paharia putoni (Distant, 1892), both from Turkey. The relationships among Paharia, Subpsaltria Chen, 1943 and Tibicina Kolenati, 1857 of the tribe Tibicinini Distant, 1905 are discussed. The morphology of the exuviae of Pa. oorschoti sp. nov. and S. yangi Chen, 1943 is described and compared. Tibicina insidiosa Boulard, 1977 is transferred to Paharia to become Paharia insidiosa comb. nov. A key to all species of Paharia is provided.


Cicadomorpha; Cicadoidea; Subpsaltria; Tibicina; biogeography

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